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America's most popular internet radio station of the Golden Age of Music now playing exclusively on HARVEYSHELDONPHILLYRADIO.COM -24/7 Commercial free.

Bringing the nostalgia back of the Golden Age Of Pop, Latin and Swing Music and the magical charisma of its performers. Listen and dance now to the BIG SWING BANDS and SINGERS - through those swingin' years and they were staggering.

Harvey Sheldon music historian and widely acclaimed, prolific author of 16 published books of history of music, of American, Jewish, Italian, and Afro Cuban Latin. Sheldon presents the Golden Age of Pop Music, collection of music featuring big swing and modern bands and the greatest pop and jazz singers of the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.

This was an era of incredible musicians and singers, fantastic voices, beautiful harmonies, and magical melodies. It was the music we'll always remember - it was the Golden Age of Pop Music.

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